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Treatment Programs at Chicago Behavioral Hospital

Most of us have faced struggles this past year, at least from time to time.

There’s been plenty to worry about, from health threats to job stress and the chaos of remote school and work. There’s been plenty to be sad about, too, from the loneliness of isolation to losing people close to us. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought extreme challenges and extreme emotions, and it’s normal to feel sad or stressed for a while. But if stress or sadness is getting in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row, if you’re struggling to cope or coping in unhealthy ways like consuming excessive drugs or alcohol, Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital is here to help.

“If you’re in crisis, seek immediate help. If you or a loved one are showing signs of major depressive or anxiety disorder and substance abuse, you can call 360-651-6400 for a free assessment from Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital Certified Mental Health Professionals, 24 hours a day,” says Julian Thompson BSN RN MHP, Director of Business Development Referral Relations at Smokey Point.

Nearly four in ten adults in Washington have reported symptoms of anxiety or depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re struggling with mental health and substance use, you’re not alone.

Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital inpatient programs

The Adult Dual Diagnosis Unit at Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital is an inpatient diagnostic and treatment program for people confronted with two challenges at once: substance abuse and an emotional or psychiatric illness.

“No two people will present in the exact same way, and treatment requires a comprehensive approach, not just a ‘quick fix’ with medication,” Thompson says.

At Smokey Point, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation, and a treatment plan personalized to their individual needs. Patients learn ways to manage the symptoms of emotional or psychiatric illness in a healthy, constructive manner, and receive assistance in developing a lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs.

Signs you may need help from a dual diagnosis treatment program:

  • Needing alcohol or drugs to feel normal
  • Difficulty keeping a job, maintaining relationships and making or meeting social obligations
  • Erratic behavior, irritability, anger, depression or anxiety, especially when you stop using substances
  • Extreme emotional highs and lows
  • Financial and/or legal problems, especially if tied to substance abuse
  • Neglecting physical health, nutritional needs or hygiene

“Symptoms vary depending on the addiction and mental illness involved, but learning to cope with stress in a healthy way will make you and those around you more resilient.”

Talk to your doctor or therapist to find out if inpatient treatment is right for you, or call 360-651-6400. The Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital’s intake department is staffed with certified Mental Health Professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in crisis, get immediate help by calling 911. Learn more about mental health and the services at Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital at or follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.