How Educators Can Spot Depression and Anxiety in Virtual Classrooms

As the pandemic has driven us to social isolation, we need to be paying particular attention to when students are struggling with mental health issues particularly in this new Virtual Classroom world. It is important that we are able to recognize signs and symptoms of depression and suicidal behaviors in youth in this new medium; kids in need don’t always know how to reach out to let us know they need help, symptoms may present differently than in the traditional brick and mortar classroom.

Having said that, some adolescents do, and It’s important for them to know its ok to reach out for help, we understand, we are here to help. We wish to applaud them and honor them for the bravery that they have shown in doing so. Their courage is an example to others to let them know you don’t have to feel alone, we are here to help, just a Call or email away… 24hrs a day/7 days a week.

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