The Warning Signs of Suicide: How to Recognize When a Loved One Needs Help

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September is nationally recognized as Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month. Because of this, Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital has made it our goal to become a leader & ally to those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotions. First off, if you or a loved one is feeling suicidal, or are showing severe signs of depression (we will discuss several of these signs of depression in this article) please, call us IMMEDIATELY at (844) 202-5555.

There is no single cause for suicidal thoughts, but there are certain stress indicators that could lead to someone feeling extreme hopelessness. If someone you know is showing signs of depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, this could be an indicator of poor mental health and can lead to increased thoughts of suicide. When these mental health disorders are left untreated, they can lead to an increased risk of suicide. You should seek immediate help from a mental health counselor if someone you know is exhibiting any of the unusual behaviors mentioned below:


  • loss of interest
  • impulsive or reckless behavior (Aggression)
  • sleeping too much or too little
  • giving away possessions
  • calling/visiting to say goodbye
  • dramatic mood swings
  • withdrawal from friends & family
  • writing about death
  • threats or comments about killing themselves
  • expressing how they are a burden to others


If a friend or family member is experiencing one or more of these signs of depression, especially if the behavior is new, you must speak up to help them. When this sort of behavior increases, possibly due to a tragic event, loss, or a large-scale change in their life, staying silent is no longer a choice. We understand it is difficult to confront these situations, but when someone is displaying signs of depression and you want to help them, you must speak up or you risk an escalating situation.


For your convenience, we’ve attached a downloadable pocket reference card provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA for short

Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital has the experience, mental health resources and capacity to help those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotions. If you or somebody you know are experiencing a mental health emergency, call us IMMEDIATELY at (844) 202-5555.