Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital Expands TeleHealth for Mental Health and Addiction Services

Free Virtual Consultations are Available 24/7.

Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital, the trusted choice for mental health and addiction services in Snohomish County since 2017 is now offering behavioral health services through telehealth. These are troubling times for people, both physically and mentally, and Smokey Point has expanded offerings to meet the needs of the community.

“People struggling with anxiety, depression, mental health or substance use-related issues can receive prompt help via telehealth from the safety of their own homes,” says Christopher Burke, CEO of Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital. “This immediate connection to a mental health professional is available 24/7 and is open to anyone.” The facility serves Veterans, Adults, and youth ages 13-17.

Connections can occur by laptop, cellphone or tablet online by visiting or calling the facility directly at 1-360-651-6400. Individuals will be connected to a behavioral health specialist who will schedule a time for a private, HIPAA-compliant video chat and consultation.

During this time of home quarantine Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital is committed to assuring everyone in the community has access to mental health care and services. Telehealth screenings and assessments are ways for anyone to seek and obtain the help they need.

Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital remains open 24/7 and our full range of mental health and addiction services are available. Free virtual assessments are available at

About Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital:
Opened in 2017, Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital offers both inpatient care and & outpatient services for a multitude of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and postpartum depression. Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital also treat substance us disorders such as alcohol abuse, prescription drugs and recreational drugs.

The need for behavioral health facilities continues to grow in the United States, as approximately 56% of American adults with a mental illness do not receive proper mental health treatment. Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital is trying to change that statistic as our staff works with patients and families to ensure they receive the care needed to overcome their current mental health or substance abuse struggles.

If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, please call us immediately at (360) 651-6400.