4 Tips for a Happy and Healthy New Year’s Resolution

The start of a new year, not to mention a new decade, is a great time to set goals. Too often, though, we don’t follow through on our New Year’s resolutions. Before you give up on yours entirely, consider these tips for giving meaning to your goals so you can make them more permanent. According to an article from Psychology Today, here are some tips for making meaningful resolutions. 

Keep it Manageable

When you’re working on a major long-term goal that requires you to make several changes, focus on one step at a time. When that behavior becomes a habit, incorporate another into your routine; trying to focus on too many action steps at once is a recipe for failure and burnout. Instead, start with something small and relatively easy to accomplish. Using this approach will make it easier for you to tackle tougher tasks and make realistic changes. 


Sometimes, we fail to stick to our new year resolutions because we make too many of them in the first place. Consider the goals that are most important to you and place them at the top of your list. Look for creative ways to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. For example, if you have a hobby that you want to devote more time to, and would also like to start a side business, think about how you can turn your pastime into a paycheck. Concentrating on your highest-priority goals — and developing realistic action plans to reach them — will increase your chances of success.

Seek Support

When working toward your goals, it can be extremely helpful to have a strong support network rallying around you. When your friends and family members know what you want to accomplish, they can hold you accountable, cheer you on, and offer a listening ear when you need it.

Don’t Give Up

When we encounter setbacks on the road to reaching our goals, it can be tempting to give up altogether. When you stumble, just dust yourself off and keep going. Instead of only keeping your eyes on the destination, enjoy the journey, too. Take it a day at a time and don’t expect perfection. Be kind to yourself and be sure to celebrate your successes.

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